The Birds and The Bees

In the midst of challenging times I have been blessed with deep connection and enlightenment.  There have been times where I have questioned the path of Valkyrie performance and if I am capable of continue to lead this group of women, then something like this happens and I KNOW we are right where we are supposed to be.

This morning around 0845 I spent 10 minutes on the swing in my dad’s backyard. (Also, yes only 10 minutes of stillness led to this. 10 min is nothing in a day! BE STILL YA’LL!) It was a moment of peace, freedom, life, abundance, hope, belonging, contentment, color, awareness, rest, connection, enlightenment, safety, stability, happiness, observation and divinity.

My client, Francesca popped into my heart and mind. The message I was receiving was applicable to her and I felt like we both needed to hear it.

Around 0900 I wrote a poem with her in mind. Around 0925 I wrapped it up, closed my journal and got set for our 0930 coaching call.

She started the coaching session by mentioning that she wrote me a letter, one that she’d like to read. So she did. She read it and we cried.

After receiving that beautiful gift from her. I allowed the tears to FLOW, like UGLY CRY! All I could say was, “wow.” Then I proceeded to share the details of my morning with her and that I too had written something special for her. I read it and we cried.

We’d both written each other a message. We both had the courage to share them with one another. We are both stronger, more confident, compassionate women in this moment because of the willingness to listen to our intuition and the courage to share.

Below are our exchanges. I intentionally did not correct her spelling/grammatical errors.  I love her message as it is. Perfectly imperfect, just like her.

Letter From Francesca:

Poem From Me:

Takeaways to help you achieve enlightenment and deeper connection with self and others:

  • Be Still.
  • Practice listening to your intuition and observing life on a deeper level.
  • Capture your insight by putting pen to paper. (These notes are your evidence, the things your body is trying to tell you, these notes are your way, your truth. My guess is that it’s been suppressed for a really long time and it’s dying to come up for air. Let it.)
  • Practice being vulnerable and brave by sharing deep thoughts with those who love you fully.
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