Attention Ladies: Earn it.

Attention ladies! As I prepare to transition from the military, I’d like to begin mentoring, working with, and assisting females that are interested in entering the military or those who are already active duty that would like to improve their mental and physical performance.


I have an insane passion for assisting individuals reach their true potential! I have learned from first-hand experience as a Marine that respect is earned, never given.  I want to help build you young ladies up, get your confidence through the roof, break through glass ceilings, and give you the same tools that I was given in order to successfully serve our country.  I have served with men and women of all calibers and say with confidence that those who lead from the front are most respected.  Women have a special place in my heart, as I can directly relate to you all, and I aim to create a community of females that build one another up.  My goal is to create an aggressive, unstoppable mindset in current and future  women service members that the world has yet to see.


In the month of October I’d like to assist a minimum of (5) ladies for FREE! I will develop personalized programming and provide accessibility to my personal email for specific questions.

If you or someone you know are interested, please email me at NLT 3o September 2016 in order to get the process started!

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