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Coffee & Connection

“The Power of Birth”

Hey there Momma

I didn’t know SHIT about pregnancy and postpartum details until I took the initiative to seek out the tools and information on my own. Growing up as a woman in America, I felt like I didn’t learn that much about my body. I didn’t understand the feminine nature that was within me because no one ever showed me how to embrace it.

After getting out of the Marine Corps, one of the most masculine environments and organizations in America, I began a deep healing journey to soften, love myself, and embrace my feminine nature.

Giving birth and becoming a mother has been extremely challenging AND rewarding. It’s been the MOST transformational experience of my life.

I birthed our son, Hawkins in May of 2019  at a birthing center in Va. I birthed our daughter, Henley in Feb of 2022. Their birthing experiences were radically different.

I want to share my lessons learned with young women so that they feel better equipped, informed and empowered to bring their babies into the world the way they desire and deserve.

It is my hope that all participants will walk away from this C&C feeling empowered, educated, + equipped for their desired birth.


Join me and other like minded women for Coffee & Connection on Aug 20, 2022  at 9am PST.

WHO:  Anyone interested in connecting with other like minded women  & hearing about my birth stories.
WHAT: 60 minute virtual group coaching session.
WHEN: Saturday Aug 20 at 9am PST
WHERE: You will receive a zoom link with meeting access upon registration.
WHY: To provide education.

+ Reduce Fear Around Birthing
+ Hear & See Raw Truths About Birth
+ Walk Away W/ Action Steps & Resources
+ Feel Supported + Led


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