#Valkyriesmarch Anti-Racism Movement Week 1



  • DONATE  $25 TODAY to the Black Lives Matter movement.
  • DONATE $25 TODAY!  to Hope Station. Hope Station helps single working mothers who are in need of emergency rent and utilities assistance.
  • DONATE $25 TODAY! to Dream Defenders. They are an organization that empowers youth to fight for the future they deserve.




  • The Work of Anti-Racism as white women Podcast. If you’re feeling really nervous about speaking up, but don’t want to remain silent, this podcast is for you. This podcast defines anti-racism, discusses how being an ally is a verb, not a noun and talks about what using privilege and platforms for good can look like.
  • Good Ancestor Podcast with Glennon Doyle. Layla and Glennon dive into a beautiful conversation surrounding racial injustice. They get real in their chat about some of the awkwardness white women may currently be feeling and provide great advice on where to start if you’re angry, outraged and want a BETTER future for people of color in America. If you are ready to join in as an ally in the fight for justice for people of color this podcast is a GREAT starting point.
  • The Promise. “An immersive series from Nashville Public Radio about inequality and the people trying to rise above it, with host and reporter Meribah Knight. In Season 1 of The Promise, we told the story of Nashville’s largest public housing complex, smack in the middle of a city on the rise. In Season 2, we explore how that divide reveals itself in the classroom. One neighborhood, two schools — one black and poor, the other white and well-off, and the kids stuck in the middle.”


  • Join the Valkyrie Performance throughout the world as we march at least 1 mile every Saturday or Sunday  (your choice!) until July 5th. The movement is intended for personal reflection and symbolic of the fact that transformation requires effort and hard work.




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